I bought these two while in Kentucky and I came up with a brilliant idea. I’m putting Minnie in Aj’s valentines day present (a weekender bag for when he comes to visit) and ill tell him it’s the only female thing he can snuggle with while at school. Oh and I’m going to put something small with lace under her dress. He’ll find it at school and die. That weekender bag will get used and boom, it’s the perfect diabolical plot to get him to come snuggle with me.

I’m a depressed ball of mush rolling around in my bed.


Bert and Mary by EverythingDisney on Flickr.

World of Color Dessert by caliscreamindreamin on Flickr.
Peter Pan by briberry on Flickr.
Fighting Over the Chair by briberry on Flickr.During the last round, no one would let the chair go
The Odd Trio by briberry on Flickr.
Peter Pan and Mad Hatter by briberry on Flickr.Goofing around at the backstage entrance.
Hatter Challenges Peter by briberry on Flickr.